The different Moors and Christians dances are one of the more practiced and spreaded traditions in Mexico. Along the far and wide of the Mexican Republic, each weekend, hundreds of communities take over the streets to perform, as they do year by year, their dances and representations in wich the faith, music, devotion, colors and movementes rejoice the religious celebrations.

In our town, San Bartolo Cuautlalpan, State of Mexico, the Santiaguerias are one of the most representative cultural elements with greater vality because of the number of compañías (dance groups) and participant people, in the streets and plazas in each festivity.

Professionals of differents specialities and people of the community have been dedicated their time and efforts to the study and difussion of this traditions hoping keep them alive and to reach knowledge of their origin and practice.

The Moors and Christians Dances Documentation Center ‘San Bartolo Cuautlalpan’ is a cultural project to spread this studies, facilitate acces to the texts and images of interes for the academics, researchers and general public, help in the redaction of texts and expositions, and become a meeting point for the interchange and enrichement of the studies of this dances and representations.

This space is your space, because the dances and representations grow stronger with our participation. If you are dancer, music or watcher, we all made our celebrations become a great celebration!

Welcome to this space!